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Back from the homework, CHERUB: People’s Republic Review!

Hey,I’m sorry for not posting anything in a while, going back to school has bogged me down with homework such as english projects and other stuff . But now I’m back to bring you another book review!

The book I’m going to be reviewing this time is People’s Republic by Robert Muchamore. I was lent this book by one of my school friends because when I saw he had it in his bag I wouldn’t stop bugging him until he let me borrow it. It is the first in the Aramov series, a new book of the VERY popular (in my school anyway) CHERUB series, which ended last August. In the back of Shadow Wave, the final book of the previous series, was a secret message telling readers that CHERUB was not over and that People’s Republic would be coming out in 2011. So when i got back to school and found my friend had it, I was very happy!

Anyway, onto the book review. So this new series focuses around Ryan Sharma a boy who is 8 months out of basic training and is still waiting for his big mission. Ryan is contacted by Zara Asker (the Chairwoman of CHERUB) and he is told that a mission is ready for him. Little does Ryan know that this mission will become one of the biggest in CHERUB’s history! He is sen to America to befriend Ethan, a boy whose grandma is the leader of the Aramov clan, a crime syndicate which focuses on supplying gangs such as the Triads, the Yakuza and the Mafia instead of committing the crimes themselves. Ryan is sent to befriend Ethan and try to get info on his grandma and mother. But all hell breaks loose, bombs, extortion and torture all feature in this book to turn it into a fast paced, action packed page turner which will keep you hooked!

The story also features Ning, a 11-12 year old girl who travels across countries to get away from her pursuers who are determined to catch her and steal her dad’s money. As the story flicks between Ryan and Ning, you don’t want the story to end!

I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the original CHERUB series and anyone who likes action and teenage spies such as Alex Rider, Young Bond etc…

So that’s my post for today and I shall post another review soon!




Sniff, Cheese!? Yum! Transformice: A Flash Game Review

Hey readers, Today I want to tell you about Transformice, a Flash Game that has been out for a long while but not many people have reviewed.  I have just started playing Transformice again after a LONG absence and I have to say, I like the way it’s changed!

But first I’ll tell you what Transformice is all about. The Mouse (you) competes with lots of other mice All trying to get some cheese and then get into the hole. The Shaman (person with highest points) creates objects with their Magic Powers (woooooooooh!) to help the mice get the cheese, in turn getting him Loads of points. It was originally in French but it is now in English  (as well as other languages)

It’s great fun but the whole glitch explotation has made the game hard to get used to as you need to know the basic glitches to beat the (all fan-made) levels.

Overall I would say go on transformice as its a great game but be warned as you may have to adapt to things quickly.


My Halfway Thoughts: To Kill A Mockingbird

Okay, here’s the deal, I have decided that when I’m writing a book review it will (mostly) go through three Phases:

1. My announcement: I will tell you what book i’m going to read and review

2. My Halfway Thoughts: At this Point I will be (about) Halfway through the book and I will tell you what I’m thinking about it so far. It will be short but it will just be enough to tell you what I think.

3.My Final Word: This will be my full review and will be more In-Depth than My Halfway Thoughts.  I will ALWAYS do this, even if I forget or don’t have the time to do the other two pieces.

So, onto My Halfway Thoughts!

To Kill A Mockingbird (I will shorten this to TKAM for convenience) has shocked me. Absolutely shocked me. But in a good way. When we were given this book in class I was expecting a very long depressing story which I would have to slowly trawl through for a few chapters to keep my teacher happy for next lesson. So I got home from school, book in hand, and sat down to read 30-50 pages so I had my weekend free. But I discovered I couldn’t put it down!  About 150 pages in by now, I stopped to write this Article for you guys and to keep myself communicated with online friends. But even now I am wanting to get back to this book and discover more about the fascinating lives of people in the 1950/60 Deep South.And….. thats all for now! If you want to hear more, wait until Monday. I should have finished it by then so I will be able to give you a fuller review of what I thought of this book!

My rating so far? Brilliant!

Too Kill A Mockingbird…..Hmmmm………This will be interesting…

Hey, Today was my first English Lesson of year 9 and we were given To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, It looks complicated but i’ll keep at it. (I have too) XD I’ll Post a review when it’s read, and thats all for this post!

Video Game Review: Too Human

Game: Too Human

Platform: Exclusively to Xbox 360

Age Rating: 16+

Recommended audience: Gamers who adapt well to new control systems.Experienced Fantasy/Sci-fi/Action-RPG Players.Doom fans.

Too Human combines a Post-Apocalyptic world with Norse mythology to create a Hack and Slash Machine Smashing Sword Swinging Laser firing Bonanza! The game puts you in control of Baldur, A god who is part of the Æsir, an organization of the Norse gods who have vowed to protect the humans on earth against the evil machines who are out to exterminate the human race.

Baldur starts the game in the Hall of Heroes, a massive complex of deserted stone halls. There is barely a tutorial to help you begin learning the game and the control system is different to most RPG games. The sword is controlled with the right stick and has a few (very) easy moves mapped to certain movements of the stick,guns are controlled with the two triggers.

Single enemy difficulty is almost non existant, with most enemies being killed with a few hits. The way the developers have made this game difficult is by putting all these weak enemies and sending about 30 at a time at you. If you are using the 360 degree weapons or wide swing weapons (Quarter staff, Hammer) then it should be fairly easy to take out 5-10 at a time.

Your melee weapons are split into 2 categories: Single handed and Double handed. Double handed weapons are slower but pack a bigger punch to cause more damage and they usually have a wider swing area and Single handed weapons are faster to use but don’t cause as much damage to the enemies.

There are 5 classes to choose from in too human and they each have their strengths and weaknesses against bosses and enemies and other gameplay elements. For the audience who like to focus the aesthetics of their character, each class looks very different and they all have a wide range of customisable armour to equip. The 5 classes are as follows

Champion: This a well balanced, all round character who has focuses on melee and air attacks.

Bio Engineer: The only healer of the classes, the Bio Engineer has healing powers and it is better for use in a co-op mode where the healer can really help with the aftermath of a battle. Recommended for Advanced players.

Defender: The Defender class is a Melee based class focused on defensive powers, he is the only one who can equip a shield.

Beserker: This Class is the opposite of the Defender class, Based more on attack power than defense attributes. He can send himself into a Beserker Rage where he has boosted attack powers. Also good for Beginner Players, he is the only one to Dual Wield swords.

Commando:  Focused on Ranged Attacks, the Commando is good with All ranged weapons and the Spider robot (obtained at higher levels)

All these classes are playable quite easily but as I have pointed out in their descriptions, some are more recommended for the player who is new to Hack and Slash/Action-RPG games.

The camera needs work as you cannot change the camera angle using the right stick. You can make small changes to the camera angles through the bumper buttons but other than that its a “smart” camera.

My Verdict

My Opinion on Too Human is that it is a good game if you see it going cheap in a shop, however, I would personally not pay full price for this game.

My Rating:

And I declare this blog…..OPEN!

Hello, Dylan here . This is my new blog that i have created. I shall blog about many things but books and video games are the main subjects of my ramblings. I hope that you enjoy my reviews and if you do, tell your friends!

Thats all for now, keep reading! 😀