Back from the homework, CHERUB: People’s Republic Review!

Hey,I’m sorry for not posting anything in a while, going back to school has bogged me down with homework such as english projects and other stuff . But now I’m back to bring you another book review!

The book I’m going to be reviewing this time is People’s Republic by Robert Muchamore. I was lent this book by one of my school friends because when I saw he had it in his bag I wouldn’t stop bugging him until he let me borrow it. It is the first in the Aramov series, a new book of the VERY popular (in my school anyway) CHERUB series, which ended last August. In the back of Shadow Wave, the final book of the previous series, was a secret message telling readers that CHERUB was not over and that People’s Republic would be coming out in 2011. So when i got back to school and found my friend had it, I was very happy!

Anyway, onto the book review. So this new series focuses around Ryan Sharma a boy who is 8 months out of basic training and is still waiting for his big mission. Ryan is contacted by Zara Asker (the Chairwoman of CHERUB) and he is told that a mission is ready for him. Little does Ryan know that this mission will become one of the biggest in CHERUB’s history! He is sen to America to befriend Ethan, a boy whose grandma is the leader of the Aramov clan, a crime syndicate which focuses on supplying gangs such as the Triads, the Yakuza and the Mafia instead of committing the crimes themselves. Ryan is sent to befriend Ethan and try to get info on his grandma and mother. But all hell breaks loose, bombs, extortion and torture all feature in this book to turn it into a fast paced, action packed page turner which will keep you hooked!

The story also features Ning, a 11-12 year old girl who travels across countries to get away from her pursuers who are determined to catch her and steal her dad’s money. As the story flicks between Ryan and Ning, you don’t want the story to end!

I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the original CHERUB series and anyone who likes action and teenage spies such as Alex Rider, Young Bond etc…

So that’s my post for today and I shall post another review soon!




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