Sniff, Cheese!? Yum! Transformice: A Flash Game Review

Hey readers, Today I want to tell you about Transformice, a Flash Game that has been out for a long while but not many people have reviewed.  I have just started playing Transformice again after a LONG absence and I have to say, I like the way it’s changed!

But first I’ll tell you what Transformice is all about. The Mouse (you) competes with lots of other mice All trying to get some cheese and then get into the hole. The Shaman (person with highest points) creates objects with their Magic Powers (woooooooooh!) to help the mice get the cheese, in turn getting him Loads of points. It was originally in French but it is now in English  (as well as other languages)

It’s great fun but the whole glitch explotation has made the game hard to get used to as you need to know the basic glitches to beat the (all fan-made) levels.

Overall I would say go on transformice as its a great game but be warned as you may have to adapt to things quickly.



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