My Halfway Thoughts: To Kill A Mockingbird

Okay, here’s the deal, I have decided that when I’m writing a book review it will (mostly) go through three Phases:

1. My announcement: I will tell you what book i’m going to read and review

2. My Halfway Thoughts: At this Point I will be (about) Halfway through the book and I will tell you what I’m thinking about it so far. It will be short but it will just be enough to tell you what I think.

3.My Final Word: This will be my full review and will be more In-Depth than My Halfway Thoughts.  I will ALWAYS do this, even if I forget or don’t have the time to do the other two pieces.

So, onto My Halfway Thoughts!

To Kill A Mockingbird (I will shorten this to TKAM for convenience) has shocked me. Absolutely shocked me. But in a good way. When we were given this book in class I was expecting a very long depressing story which I would have to slowly trawl through for a few chapters to keep my teacher happy for next lesson. So I got home from school, book in hand, and sat down to read 30-50 pages so I had my weekend free. But I discovered I couldn’t put it down!  About 150 pages in by now, I stopped to write this Article for you guys and to keep myself communicated with online friends. But even now I am wanting to get back to this book and discover more about the fascinating lives of people in the 1950/60 Deep South.And….. thats all for now! If you want to hear more, wait until Monday. I should have finished it by then so I will be able to give you a fuller review of what I thought of this book!

My rating so far? Brilliant!


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